Thursday, March 26, 2009

Water Day

I got the 1500 gallon water tank yesterday and spent the afternoon getting the proper fittings and assembling it all together. The water man should be here this morning to fill it up.

There is no water on the property save for the house next door that runs off a well. I don't want to tap into his system cause I can at times use alot of water and don't need the headache.

1500 gallons for the rv, based on my prior consumption would last me well over a month. I still have to truck the water from this tank to my truck tank and then to the trailer tank. So some more figuring to get this system to work well.

I think I will powerwash my trailer this weekend, I can put my pressure washer in the back of the truck along with the Honda genset, the water tank is there already, kinda like a mobile power washing unit.

I moved the trailer from the back of the yard to right behind the shop, there was just enough room to fit the trailer. The Honda mounted back up on the trailer, we are plugged into the shop power now, only 15 amp though.

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