Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Present Day Thoughts

Survival, preparedness and self sufficiency. I don't think that the world is coming to an end but I do believe we are in for a lifestyle change. I own my own business and I see how the economy is slowing down. Our phones are quiet and if was not for us being established for five years in the same area, we would have no work at all.
All the things that I have done and believed in the last 10 or 12 years has put me into a fairly good position now. I have no personal or business debt, I have mastered trailer living and winter rving is now a breeze. I am in the kind of work where I am always needed and I moved to a shop that has low overhead and in a excellent area. I pay 2500.00 a month for the shop and this also where I live 7 months out of the year. For the other five months we are in our seasonal campground where the cost is 425.00 per month. My overhead for the year is less than 2500.00.
Last year was a very bad year for us and had we a mortgage, car payments, trailer payments and credit cards like the majority of people we know we would have been sunk. Living this way ensured our survival as we did not need alot of money for ourselves to keep us going. We are now getting back on track and even though the economy is crap, I think we will have a so so year.

My truck and trailer is my home but is also my way out. If it all fell apart business wise, my home is still paid for. I have somewhere to sleep. If I need to move to somewhere where there are jobs, I can. Moving all my shop equipment is another thing.

I spent the winter months researching the net on preparenedess and survival topics. There is alot of good info out there and I won't repeat any of it here except what I am going to do. My truck and fiver are complete now, except for a solar system which I am undecided about. The next step is stockpiling supplies. Trying to make a good list from all the excellent info out there. Land up in Northern Ontario is on my radar for later this year. I found a nice little property already, I might start researching it a little more next week.

How bad will things get, this is the big question for me. I think it will be tough, one will have to live a frugal life, work a little harder, make do with a little less. We've had it too good for too long. Getting back to basics.


  1. "Survival, preparedness and self sufficiency. I don't think that the world is coming to an end but I do believe we are in for a lifestyle change." I also believe this and that I am going to be better prepared for this 'new world' than a lot of people.

    I'm enjoying your blog and wish I'd found it before hitting the road. Had I, I might have been a been less afraid of spending one last year in Ontario before pushing west!

  2. Hi Rae, thanks for stopping by. I have lived all through the west, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, but was born in Toronto, been back here 20 years now. Love northern Ontario the best.
    Your trips to the north really appeal to me, have some friends that have done the same thing but usually only for two months or so. Like to go myself, but time is precious.