Friday, July 31, 2009


well I moved the whole shop today into a 53 foot dry van, just about got everthing in there. And not going into the new shop till Sept 1. So I seem to have gotten the whole month of August off, oops. How the hell could I guy my age get the dates all screwed up and end up having to spend the hottest month of the year on my boat and up north camping. Well i will just have to put up with it I suppose, post more later

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well we are moving the shop this coming week. Found a fair sized unit that we can work out of and is the spot where over 4 years ago I said to myself, this is where I should be. Right in the heart of trucking in our town, lots of yard space too. About another grand per month for the rent, but drive in traffic will increase. The unit that we are in now, has been flooded out the last week due to all the rain.

I am thinking that this coming winter, I will be able to section off 40 feet in the new shop and put my fiver indoors for the winter months. Maybe even build a deck and throw down some green indoor outdoor carpeting and call it a campsite for the winter months. Add a bbq and a picnic table and all should be good.

We are building my buddies truck to haul a Smart car. Today we loaded the car on the deck we built and it does look smart. I should have pics later today.