Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aug 2010

Been camping the last two months, paying monthly at a campground in Acton, very nice here, have a huge site with two firepits, lots of trees and nice landscaping. Great neighbours and weekends very little transient campers as we are in the seasonal section. Its my brother in law Rob and I and my kid too, Shane has been here for most of the summer too and some of his buddies, for the most part my campsite has been very busy with kids, also Jane and the grandbrats are here every other weekend. Kids meet other kids here, so at any one time you could have like 10 teenagers on the site. But overall the kids have been swell, good mixture from 12 to 18 years of age, all polite too.
I am back in my fiver, long story there. The truck camper deal i built is parked here in storage. Yea its better, way more room and a onboard washer dryer. Easier for the dogs too, they sleep with me so now we have a king size bed for the three of us to sleep on. Dogs have been good, but sense they are bored, they like being in a shop with lots of people around.
525 a month here, which is cheap compared to Rockwood at 1000 per month and other local campgrounds at 720 per month. Yup camping is not cheap. Hst came in July 1 and upped our month rate from 525 to 565. Thanks, i think this hst is just another tax grab and they needed a way to get a additional 8 points from gas and diesel sales.

So seriously thinking of renting a shop that is about a mile from this campground. 2500 square feet for around 2 grand per month. Has a spot for my trailer and a water line and septic is already there. My trailer will sit in between two buildings, out of the wind and real close to the shop. I have not secured the deal yet, but am close, mostly trying to figure out what day to start back to work. I have alot of people that are wanting me to do some work for them and waiting for me to re open. One guy wants to build a International tractor into a rv puller, and that will likely be my first big job and i may start that in around the middle of august.
the wife and kid got kicked out of our seasonal campground that we were at for 7 years, seems the kid had a party. Wife is living on her own now, and the kid is with me. Finally we are going our own ways and i could not be any happîer about that. If i take this shop, the kid can go to his high school here in Acton, that works out well for him. He can take all the courses he failed this last year, yea smart kid failing, more on this another day.
So big changes in my life lately, and overdue changes too. One thing i need to do is reconfigure my truck to haul my fiver again, yup, redo all the work that i just did this last spring, take the truck camper off and all that. So that will be a project this winter. Looks like it will be Rob me and the kid living at the shop for the winter. I might have Rob stay in the truck camper for sleeping and showering etc, see what pans out. roughing it, ha not really, but this year, i am going to spend some time setting it up for winter rv living, skirting the trailer and what not. Once the trailer is parked in its spot, i will not have to move it around like i had too last year. I will be able to hunker down and concentrate on making some money, and most importantly, guiding the kid as there is a number of items that he needs to address starting sept 1. I told him we are just gonna waste the summer away, take it easy or as he says, chill man.