Saturday, March 28, 2009


I like Saturdays, the guys are out of the shop and i usually have a couple of customers drop by for small little jobs, make a little cash. I am going to fine tune my water system today, i need a submersible pump to drop into the water tank so that i can fill the water tank on the truck and then transfer to the trailer.

i got up this morning and we were out of water on the trailer.

I picked up a 950 watt inverter genset at Can Tire for 250.00, half price as it was on clearence. I fired it up and seems to run pretty good, a little noisy compared to my honda. I will use this on the truck and around the shop for portable power. i will also try it on the trailer for it to run the converter in case the honda has a problem.

Bought a new laptop at Walmart for 500, they are cheap now compared to a few years ago.

I wish the sub pump would fit into the water tank on the back of the truck, that sure would make it easier to transfer the water instead of using that little rv 12 volt pump. Maybe I should cut the tank so that it will drop inside or I could use a open container??

No pics today as i am on the new laptop and i need to transfer over some pics from the shop computer.

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