Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fill er Up

Excellent weather today, was supposed to rain but is holding off till sunday. I ran out of water in the trailer last night so this morning I ran down to crappy tire to get a water pump. Went with a submersible pump that i can drop into the big water tank and then fill the tank on the truck.

This pic shows the generator powering the pump that is sitting in the green tub, the water drains out of the tank on the truck to this green tub where the pump sits and collects pumps the water into the trailer. Not a ideal system and I need to fine tune it a little better. One thing that i could do is cut a larger opening in the tank on the truck and sit the pump inside the tank when i need to transfer the water.
Here is the tank on the truck, the white hose is just draining the water into the green bucket.

It took a fair bit of time to transfer the 65 gallons this way, too long. Even if I use the 12 volt water pump it takes too long.

Here is a shot of the side front of the trailer, all the propane bottles and the white hose going into the 65 gallon water tank in the basement storage.

Really like the trailer parked in this spot, out of the wind and out of the way. This fall when we move the trailer back here for the winter, I might build some sort of deck, maybe enclosed to keep the shoes and snow outside????

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