Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fine Tuning

So the last post took me to about the year 2000. Around that time I gave up truck driving and went back to heavy truck collision repair. Got a job in town, actually about three miles from the campground. This was ideal, but the winter was coming and I did not want to travel 40 minutes out to a campground that was open during the winter months. So I parked behind the truck repair shop.

The boss was okay with this too, during the winter is when we do the bulk of the work. Snow and winter conditions create alot of work for our trade. Long hours and alot of 7 day weeks, no problem for me, cause I live 50 feet from my toolbox.

Now living in a small fifth wheel in behind a truck repair facility can be a little weird. The guys at work thought I was nuts but I had a plan.

Because my overhead was nil. I made a decision that one day I would open my own small truck repair shop. I bought every tool that I could think of as well as the shop equipment. I did this for four years. During that time I met the wife I am with now. Try meeting someone when your living in a trailer out behind a truck shop.

So I decided to open my own shop and moved out to Milton Ontario, the other half wanted me to open a shop and I told her that I did not have quite enough money, but threw caution to the wind and now were in business.

That same little 24 foot fifth wheel now holds me and the wife and her 8 year old son, beside the truck shop. Summertime, up to a campground about 15 minutes away.
That first year in business was tough, but we got through it.

Here is the fifth wheel beside our shop the first winter we opened. Tucked in there nicely, I ran the hydro and water from the shop. Our propane furnace gave out so we ran a couple of ceramic block heaters for the winter. Luckily there was a drain close to take in all the grey water. Bathroom in the shop.

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