Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Truck

I built the truck three years ago, it's a 95 Ford E 350 with the Powerstroke Diesel. I bought it with 160 k and it now has 220 k, roughly halfway through its life.
I installed a sleeper on the truck for added room, I have two german shepherds and while we are in our seasonal campsite, they sleep in the truck during the night. Keeps them out of the trailer and the wife happy.

You can see the water tank mounted on the rear deck, there is also a 12 volt water pump and this is how we transfer water to the trailer. It's a little tricky in the cold weather but we manage.

Truck is a older unit, but paid for. I do all my own repairs save for a transmission last year. Nice having my own shop where I can work on my own projects.

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