Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sheena and Shilo

Here's the girls, my fulltime companions, where I go they go. Sitting on the back of thier truck. I actually built the truck with the sleeper so the dogs can travel with us with plenty of room. It's pretty much their doghouse, if we park at a mall and the dogs are left in the truck, no one can go near the truck without them freaking out.

They spend their days here in the shop, they are quite social during the day and if I leave them in the shop overnight, at night one cannot get into the shop.

These dogs are very active, all day long they are on the go. Customers play fetch with them and they see up to 50 people a day. So there is always something interesting for them to do.

Living in a trailer with two large dogs can be a bear. Especially during lousy weather, dogs tracking in dirt and mud. My carpets in the trailer right now are so disgusting it is embarrassing. We usually tear out the carpets and put down tile or wood flooring, why they put carpet in a trailer is beyond me.

They are 2 and 3 years old, from different parents but look quite alike. I raised them from 2 months old and they are with me 24/7. Extremely obedient and never tied up. They roam free here on our shop property and even though there is alot of truck traffic, they know to stay out of the way.

At our seasonal campsite, they stay on the site. A dog could be walking by less than 15 feet away and they will not get up and run, they will watch and maybe growl, but they won't move.

This is our seasonal site last year with our old trailer that burnt. The deck is a good size and the dogs can lay about there, but generally they lay on the grass beside the little walkway.

We might move into this site early this year, the campgorund owner phoned the other day and said he might open early. Yee haw looking forward to getting off the shop property.

The campground has 200 plus sites and 90 % of them are seasonal, some people have been there for 30 or more years. Campground is clean and well run. We pay 425.00 per month for this site plus hydro which is metered. The season last 5 months. Inground pool and a rec hall and very close to town for groceries etc. During the week there is maybe 5 campers in the whole park, very quiet, weekends it gets noisy with lots of activity.

I figure campgrounds like this are about the last neighbourhood left, all the people are decent and one does not have to worry about your kids so much. We have a 14 year old at home still and he has a bunch of friends in the park and has about 30 acres to roam free on. Everyone knows everyone and they keep a eye out on the kids.

I could'nt move into a house in Brampton and let the kids play outside like we can in this campground. Too much crime and gangs, crazy drivers and trouble always just around the corner.

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  1. "Last neighbourhood left, all the people are decent and one does not have to worry about your kids so much."

    Only a fellow RVer would know that this isn't an idealized, rose-coloured vision of the world. Okay, I've been in a few 'skuzzy' parks but, generally, what you say is very true.