Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Present Day

Our trailer parked at our new shop. We moved Feb 1 2009 into this shop and we had to put the trailer in the rear part of the yard where there is no power or water. We had it here for six weeks.
Cold and windy, wow. 100 pounds of propane would last 4 days. Our onboard freshwater tank froze up so I had to install a 65 gallon tank in the basement storage where it is heated, and one night the lines in there even froze.

The Honda worked well except for one night it would not start. I pulled it into the shop and ended up taking the whole thing apart. I pulled apart the motor and I assume what the problem was, the compression release lever on the camshaft was sticking. Cleaned it all up, assemble it all back together, do a valve lash and now she just purrs along. Of course all this happened at 10 pm, I had it up and running at 300 in the morning.

All I am using for inverted power is the upstairs bedroom receptacles. I rewired them to feed from the inverter so when the Honda is off, I can watch a movie or tv. Also during the six weeks there, two of my Iota converters went for a crap, these provide the 12 volts dc for the interior lighting and appliances and recharging the batteries. I ran my truck charger from the shop for about 4 weeks while I search for replacements at a reasonable price, not the price that one gets at the local rv dealer, which is usually double.

All our grey water here drains off into the field. There is no water on the property so we had to load water at my buddy's house down the road and deliver to the trailer. 65 gallons at a time. I just bought a 1500 gallon tank today and mounted it outside, this will feed my hot pressure washer as sometimes I need to wash a truck to work on it. The water delivered is 80.00 a load and he will be here in the morning.

We use 65 gallons of water every two to three days, the fiver has a washer dryer but we have not been using it. The wife goes to the laundrymat, but 30.00 to the laundry, I told her it would be better to do it in the trailer and save the expense and hassle, easier to truck water.

Here is the water tank mounted in the trailer, I have another one the same mounted on the truck.

In the front storage area are the 4 6 volt Crown batteries, along with a toolbox. The black box is the 1000 watt inverter that runs the bedroom receptacles. I still need to vent this cabinet to allow battery gases to escape, for the time being it is always partially open.

Here is a overall shot of the truck and trailer at our last shop, we moved shops four times in 8 months, real hard.

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