Thursday, March 19, 2009

Up and Running

Okay never did a blog before but here goes. I thought I would do a blog so that I could have a record of my daily events, kinda like a diary, mostly for my own use but if others find it interesting than all the better.

My interests are varied. I live fulltime in a 38 foot fifth wheel rv up here in Ontario Canada and have been doing so for 12 years. Started off in a truck camper and decided that I liked this way of living and moved up with bigger and larger units to the one that I have now.

I originally decided to move into the truck camper cause I was tired of paying rent on a apartment where I had no life. Limited to the things that I could do. I moved into the truck camper and lived here and there for the first month. Mostly at the trucking firm that I was working at. I worked alot of hours so camping out in the truck parking lot was ideal. The trucking firm had showers for the drivers.
A buddy told me about a campground that was just up the road, I went up and was dumbfounded that such a thing existed in the city. I moved in and set up camp and immediately felt at home. I stayed there till the end of the season and then found a campground that was open for the winter.

That same winter I found a older fifth wheel unit which was affordable. Still not sure if this lifestyle was going to be fulltime and permanent. I moved into the fifth wheel and although it was only a 24 footer, I had a ton of room compared to the old truck camper. I settled in for the remainder of that winter and every day I learned something new about this lifestyle.

I got into generators and inverters/battery systems. Outfitting the pickup truck properly to haul the trailer. Got familiar with all the onboard items such as water heaters and fridge propane systems, furnaces and electric heaters. How to keep warm through a cold Ontario winter. Keep water lines from freezing up etc.


  1. Hey Coal - glad to see you starting a blog! i followed you here from bacon and eggs' blog.
    Looking forward to reading more on your life!
    Where are you in Ontario? i am in Ottawa and we are very interested in RV living - we are thinking about making the jump in the next few years once we get enough saved for a piece of land to homestead on.
    So please...share as much as you are willing to and i will check back on you often!

  2. Kymber, I plan on doing more with the blog and I checked out your blog, we think the same regarding preparedness etc, that is my goal and everything I have done in the last 12 years has been to that end.
    Over here in MIlton Ontario just outside Mississauga.