Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Trailer

Fast forward a couple of years and we get a good deal on a large fifth wheel. Here she is sitting next to the shop right smack dab in the middle of one very cold winter.
We got the trailer just before the snow started so never really got it setup proper for winter rving, as you can tell from the makeshift plywood to block the wind.

You can see that I mounted a Honda Inverter generator on the pin box, also in the front storage area is a Xantrex 2500 watt Freedom Inverter Charger along with 4 6 volt golf cart batteries. Finally my own power system.

This trailer was 42 overall feet long, triple slide and triple axle. It was okay for the winter but we did have big problems with condensation. So bad that the carpets were soaked. Single pane windows and walls would sweat where ever there was a aluminum frame upright.

We lost this trailer about 4 months after this pic was taken due to a washing machine front control panel going up in flames. Luckily no one was hurt. I woke that morning and the wife and kid had already gone, as I was leaving the trailer the cat wanted in and for some reason I said, if you can stay outside all night you can stay outside all day.

We lost quite a bit of money on that trailer and the fire. We owned it for 8 months but had redid the whole inside with new leather furniture, stereo equipment, computers and new mattress. I also clearcoated the whole trailer in my shop, as the decals were fading. Insurance would not cover any of that. My Xantrex system got fried as well.

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