Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm Weather

Supposed to be plus 25 this coming weekend and I am going boating. I go the boat out of the campground storage today, did a cleanup and started and ran the motor, even on last years fuel, it sounds good.

Tomorrow I will replace the battery, as it is not holding a full charge. Also need my safety related items that I usually replace every year.

I got my diesel finished today too, installed a new fuel pump and hoses. Seems to run a little stronger now, more power just off idle. Starts easier too. Won't know till I hook the Jayco whether the power is up or not.

My buddy George brought his trailer out to the shop yesterday and dropped by today to do some small repair work. It will sit here at the yard till the weekend when he uses my truck to haul it to the campground.

Wifes Explorer needs a camshaft sensor, I ordered the part the other day but it ended up being the wrong part. Something said to me, to check to see if the part was correct before I tear the top end of the motor out. Besides i can't have two vehicles down at the same time. Real pain in the ass, having to tear down so much of the top end to change this part, one of Fords better ways.
My buddy Richard is in tomorrow, he is bringing in his truck and boat for some paint work. As you can see, the boat is yellow and we are putting yellow on the truck to match, I will take some more pics of the whole deal tomorrow. What a boat though, custom one of a kind built by his brother. That's what I call a Corvette on the water, 350 chev with the motor in front. Real cool and I drove it two years ago, quite the machine.

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  1. Some people get to have all the fun. lol. That is a pretty fancy floating device, I must say.