Monday, April 13, 2009

Truck Repairs

Slow day in the shop today, so instead of sitting around looking at each other, we brought in my Ford Diesel, it has had a little fuel leak for about a year now, just irritating, but whats worse is trying to get at the offending part that is leaking. The truck being a van body, makes it all the more difficult. Here is a pic of the motor from inside the cab, with the exhaust and turbo removed as well as the air tubes etc. Looks like the fuel hoses are starting to weather crack and some leakage from there, but the main culprit is the fuel pump. The underside of the fuel pump has two weep holes. Removed the fuel pump and actuated the plunger on the work bench and bingo, fuel leaking.

So while I have this all opened up, its time to check and double check the wiring and any other hoses that are starting to wear. Bear in mind the truck is a 95, but only 220 k on it or 130 miles. Maybe halfway through its life. I don't really use the truck all that much and that is why I don't replace it with a newer unit. My buddies often say why don't you buy a dually, but a dually is no use to me with respect to all the gear I carry while rving. I am thining of a dually Ford project as I have a little deal in the works, see how that pans out.

Another little thing I am working on is with my brother in law. He has pulled his truck off the road and is going to work for a customer of mine. 2001 Sterling, this is a full size highway unit and considering making this into the same deal as Big Bill's Volvo. Rob my brother in law has a 34 foot Newmar fifth wheel and has been using my truck to pull around his unit. He was is thinking of selling it and I would paint the truck for him and safety it so that he could come out with a half decent buck, hard in this economy though. Might be better to keep the truck and use it for a toy fiver hauler, also I could use it around the yard moving trailers that I work on.

His Sterling would have to converted over to motorhome status. Plates and insurance would be way cheaper. I would do the project over a few months.

So I went up to that shop in Acton to have a look at that shop. Been trying to call the guy that has it but no answer. It's right around the corner from my seasonal campground, while we were up there my friend George and I went in to check it out.

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