Monday, April 13, 2009

The Campground

So to carry on from the last post. George and I went in to take a look at the campground. Earlier this spring George wanted to buy a trailer, and I found one for him. He bought it and has been doing some odds and end type repairs getting it ready for summer camping. He will go seasonal with this camper. Went in and talk to the owner of the campground, he wanted to see the trailer first cause the trailer is a 1979. Well the owner seen the trailer today and approved the trailer so I expect maybe this weekend or next, we will be hauling it in.

I have my boat in storage there too and went by to check it out, it all looks good. Thats my little 1968 14 footer that I redid a couple years back. Ken the owner of the campground is likely going to let me move in around the last week of April. Some spots in the campground are a little soft still, and if I go in, then he has to let everyone in.I have this Chev too sitting up there in storage, been there over a year now. It belong to the owner of a transport company and he went bankrupt. So they owed me some money and I ended up with this. My 14 year old is trying to get his dirty little digits on this truck. He turns 16 in a year and a half and is eager to get his license. I would be okay with him having this truck, but has to get his act together, you know teenagers.

Campground looks a little bare without all the leaves on the trees. Ken is going to put down some asphault material to cut down some of the dust from the vehicles. Ken is 71 and still works like a madman, always on the go. Has had the campground for 30 years and made a ton of improvements over that time. He does all the work too, right from re doing all the hydro and septic systems to building decks and add on rooms for the campers.

I just heard back from a buddy of mine that used to rent that shop I looked at, he said the owner/landlord there is a real jerk and advises me not to make the move. So thats done. He also told me he had one of his Peterbilts stolen over the weekend, still have not found it. Alot of theft going on in the area, if it's not locked down it will go missing. I expect things to get worse as the economy tanks even further.

Been welding a headache rack most of the day today in the shop, a little tired out from the fumes as it was aluminum. Gotta get going on the phone tomorrow to get some work happening in the shop this week. I still have that beavertail job, removed the beaver tail but waiting on some pics so that we can build it to the customers liking.


  1. Coal - I'm jealous of that campground! It sounds like a really neat place. I'm sure sorry to hear of the economic challenges going on up there. I can't help realize that still the worse is not yet behind us. Stay safe, and only have in that trailer what you could stand to lose. Hide the rest in the shop, or somewhere else.

  2. The economic situation is going to get worse as the year wears on, everything i have is paid for and I should be okay question is trying to keep my guys employed, for me personally I don't require alot of money to get by on.
    how about a post on your rv setup situation, always curious to see what other guys are doing and how they are doing it.