Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So we got the carpets steam cleaned today, they did a nice job. So for the rest of the spring the dogs are not allowed in the trailer at night. They can stay in the shop and I will park the truck inside and they can sleep in the sleeper where they usually sleep anyhow. They get spoiled, thats the problem. It has rained since midnight here, the shop is flooded out and so is the yard. You can imagine what the dogs look like, completely wet and full of dirt.

Threatened the mere existence and future of my 14 year old, tracking mud and dirt off his jeans, into the trailer, you know how they have to have the bottom of thier jeans dragging on the ground. Thats the problem with rving full time, there is never a spot to put your boots and shoes without them being in the way. I seen one fiver that did have a large closet at the entrance door and thought that was a great idea, put all the coats and shoes and boots etc. I have a small closet at the entrance door, enough room for a couple of spring jackets and maybe two pair of running shoes.

Washed down the walls and ceiling in the trailer, cleaned all the wooden blinds and windexed all the windows.

We had a mouse in the trailer last night, sitting in the oven, don't know how he got there, the wife opened the oven door and there he was just sitting there, he was'nt even scared. We lost our cat a month ago, likely to the coyote's and we might get a kitten. Was checking the free cats out on Kijiji and there was alot of adult cats for free and I would prefer to get a adult one cause I know if they don't get adopted they will get put down. Problem is, we have a little trailer dog, Shelby, he is smaller than a cat. He would have a better chance of getting along with a kitten than a adult cat.

We have gone through so many cats, we let them roam free. If they want to go outside we let them. Sometimes they don't come back, I feel bad but I believe in letting pets be as free as possible. Can't keep the cat indoors as they see the dogs running around outside and do whatever they can to get out of the house.

Got a couple of hundred pound tanks of propane dropped off today, just in time too as I was starting to run out. Perfect timing for a change and believe me that does not happen too often

My buddy Derek is bringing me his coffee table, his wife redid thier living room and bought new and the one that he had originally I really liked. It is like new anyhow, and will match pretty good in my living room in the trailer, will post some pics later. Tried getting his new big flat screen tv too, but no luck.

We have been in this trailer since last July, and we really have not put up any pictures or plants flowers that kind of stuff. Once we get up to our seasonal site, I think we will make it homey.

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