Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little Hauler

Here's a truck we built a number of years ago. Little Chev 3 ton with a cat motor, alison auto transmission and air ride with juice brakes. The sleeper is custom built and has a sink and shower, bed and sound system inside. There is also a fifth wheel hitch built into the rear deck for pulling a trailer, when not pulling a trailer, there is a enclosure made out of tent material that mounts on the rear deck. The sidewalls at the rear are removable so a trailer can be hauled.

I repaired the vacuflush toilet system, the 12 motors needed to come out and be taken apart and cleaned up as the brushes inside were stuck with corrosion and dirt. We had to cut a access hole. Beside the access hole is a electric hot water tank and a waste holding tank. We installed these items last year.
Were doing a water test too, I loaded him up with water to his onboard 40 gallon fresh water tank, I transferred the water from my truck tank with the Honda pump, worked very well.

The truck has been a ongoing project for years, customer changes his mind with what he wants to do with the truck. He has a mobile hearing test company and we built some specialized trailers for him a few years back. He hauls this around to companies and checks the hearing of the employees. Kind of a neat little business, he is feeling the economy pinch right now as companies are cutting back.

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