Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Anytime you seen a fish that big, open water and a boat and a guy smiling like the way he is, thats a pretty good day. I caught this one last year, thats my son in law holding the big one, heh I was tired out from reeling it in ha. I catch and release but luckily I had my camera along.

Today my buddy George and I are taking a trip up to where I seasonal camp to check out the campground, he bought a trailer this spring and wants to put it where I am camping. Also there is a small shop up in that area that just became vacant and I might consider moving there along with some other business changes.

Things are slow and I don't expect it to get much better. I heard on the news over the weekend another 200000 jobs are to be lost this year in Canada, alot of them in my area of the country. It already is a bleak situation only to get worse and I am considering this move, for a cost cutting measure. I lost one guy back in January of this year and I might let go another guy this spring, don't want to do it but this might have to happen. If I don't go this route, I feel that I might have to go into debt for the summer months to keep the operation going as it is right now. I would then go into the winter months with approx 50 grand of debt, yea who wants to do that. I am debt free right now, and going into next month if business does not pick up, will put me negative.
Also if I move the shop up to Acton area, alot less driving, the kid goes to school just around the corner too.
So it's up in the air right now, hard to figure out what the economic future holds.

We got a little kitten to scare off the house mouse we got in here. I could put down mouse traps or chemicals, but thats not me, rather scare the crap out the little varmit so he leaves and never comes back.

Update on the water system, it works very well. That little Honda pump is great. I 've been topping up our onboard water tank daily now, takes about a half hour.

Since the shop has been slow, I have been cleaning up the truck, painted the hitch and rear deck, did some wiring for the trailer plug and generally getting it ready to haul the trailer outta here maybe in a week or so.

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