Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Water Pump Stuff

I was not happy with the flow coming out of the gas powered water pump. Also the supplied pickup tube was difficult to use, I would drop it into the tank to pickup the water but it would float.

So I plumbed the pickup hose right into the fitting at the bottom of the tank on the truck and also installed a valve. The water now flows from the bottom of the tank to the pump and then out through a rv hose to the onboard tank on the trailer. She pumps fast now, if I want more flow I will have to change the output hose to 5/8 or 3/4 id.

I am really impressed with this Honda gas powered pump, especially for 240.00. A real deal. The motor fires up easily and runs smooth, 4 stroke overhead valve design. It being a Honda should last a long time.

I am still using a sump pump that I submerse into the big tank and run the little inverter generator for power.

Even once I get to the seasonal campsite in probably two weeks, I will still use my on board tank to supply water to the trailer. The park water on the weekends loses pressure due to the campground being full, sometimes to the point where there is no water at all.

Steady in the shop this week, getting gravel trucks ready for the season. So rv work tomorrow on my buddie's truck I built for him a few years ago, will post some pics tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Been reading alot of the blogs on survival and preparedness, seems like there is more and more info every month. I think this coming month we will start with putting some supplies away, I've gotten alot of info off the net the last six months.

I don't think there will be a total collapse, but for me could be a very slow period/bad economy and in my mind that would be the same as a collapse. Implement a more frugal cost effective lifestyle now so that when it does slow down we are better prepared.

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