Monday, June 8, 2009

The wife and brother in law got some gardening done this weekend. They laid in some 4 by 4's and top soil and this is what they ended up with. I am not really the flower type guy, but have to admit, it did turn out nice. Trying to keep the dogs out of the garden is another matter though, you can see my grass or what's left of it. This is where the dogs usually hang out.

Here are the girls this afternoon, Shilo on the left has a rock in her mouth and wants to play fetch. I got the lacrosse stick and ball going and gave them a good run, man can they go. Out of all the dogs in the park here, these guys are the fastest and have the most endurance, they are really in good shape. Sheena on the right turned two yesterday, Shilo is just over three. I will post a video on how fast they are later this week.

So after living this lifestyle for 10 plus years I finally agreed to letting the family poop in the trailer. We always camp near a washroom so I figured why not just poop in the public restroom, saving me the trouble of looking after it on my trailer. I got a Rhino Flex system from Crappy Tire, 50 bucks. It went together real easy and am impressed that it is somewhat heavy duty. Because we had no solids through our waste system i always used a 3/4 id water hose as you can see on the ground. So we had been pooping the toilet the last week or so, and was time to drain. I pulled the lever and all went well. What i like about this unit i got, was that the end that goes into the pipe in the ground is cone shape, creating a good seal, so good in fact, that there was no smell. All this came in handy this past weekend drinking that cheap beer, yup right through me, lol. back to Coors Lite this week, yea 10 bucks more a case, maybe i will take it outta the kids allowance.

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