Friday, June 19, 2009

No Pics Today

Thank god it's Friday, I went into the shop this morning and spent the afternoon out and about looking at jobs at quoting prices. One was a cement truck was a broken frame and the other a boat that was splitting in half. I got the boat job, and the cement truck they are going to fix inhouse.

We have been busy in the shop the last three weeks and actaully made some money, but this will only help to offset what we have lost since Feb. If the rest of the summer is anything close to steady in the work department, then we should be okay.

Been looking for another shop, my current landlord is starting to irritate me. We have problems when it rains like it did this last week, floods out the front of the shop. Another problem is going to be heat for this coming winter, I need a furnace and I need some walls repaired in the shop to contain the heat as there is little or no insulation in the majority of the walls.

The landlord is not real keen on investing any money into the shop and I think he mostly thinks that I will just put up with the bullshit. Oh no, that is not going to happen. One of the big problems with moving my shop, is the phone numbers and internet access. Well I run everything off a cell phone now and my internet is mobile, gmail for email and a bell stick for access.

I need the landlord to cement about a 100 sq ft area in front of my overhead door, buy me a furnace and allow about 2 grand for wall repair. I will do labour part of the work, but I am not paying for it. This week I have had a mud pit in front of my overhead door, every time I bring a truck in, the tires drag in all sorts of mud and crap.

But the shop is in a very good location and although our yard can sometimes get hectic, we do have enough room to do what we have to do. I have birds in the shop too, alot of young ones and I need them to move. I would have thought the birds would have vacated by now due to welding and paint fumes, but no. I need to figure out a safe way of getting them to leave.

Left the shop early, got back to the trailer around 330 and let the dogs hop in the lake to cool them down and clean them up a bit, now they stink like wet dog but cleaner ha.

Going out tonite to fish on the boat, supposed to rain tomorrow but nice on fathers day,which reminds I better make my list ha.


  1. I hope your landlord will change his mind and take care of the necessary repairs! I'm sure moving your shop again would be a real pain in the butt.
    Good luck on the fishing tonight! :)

  2. Good to hear things are picking up a bit for you guys. My boss has a big road job starting up next week. Kinda looks like things could be picking a bit here also. I hope your land lord eventually sees the light.