Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was out in the yard today moving a Kenworth and the dash said the outside temp was 91 degrees. Hotter in the shop, especially doing fibreglass repairs on a boat that my buddy bought. All that fibreglass being grinded and floating around in the air.

Last thing I did today was paint a Peterbilt hood and then I went to check out a shop for rent. Had been talking to the owner of said shop the last couple of days, making sure that the shop is okay for what I need it for. Everything was going good so I dropped by there after work today. As you as I pull onto the road that the shop is on, there is a big no truck route sign. So that didn`t work out.

Got to the campground around 6 and headed right to the pool. Refreshing, water temp was perfect. I have been taking the dogs down to the lake after work for a swim, but tonite was my turn.

My neighbour bought a newer trailer, so this week they are moving his old trailer off the site and tomorrow his new one should be sitting in it`s spot. Complete with a big deck. I catch some pics tomorrow night and post em.

Shop is still steady with work, finishing up now with a bunch that are going back off lease and another company we do work for bought 6 Kenworths T 800, all 2006 models, most of them need touch ups here and there, usual bangs and scrapes etc. Keep us busy for a week or so, not hard to take. Most everyone else is just starting to pick up. Gravel guys are moving more than a couple of hours a day now. Been a slow start this year for them. Hopefully this lasts, but I am thinking it is going to crash right after summer. Been reading about all the smart guys with regards to the economy, and thats what they are mostly saying, this little blip increase in economic activity will be short lived. Read today, that oil will hit 100 bucks a barrel later this year.

Last two days the ac unit on the fiver has been working overtime. The trailer mostly sits in the sun so when we leave in the morning I set the ac for around 70. The system maintains the temp although it is warmer in the bedroom than the rest of the trailer. The fiver has in ceiling ducted ac, and vents throughout the trailer, but the ac unit is mounted at the rear most section of the trailer. So there is not alot of ac for the bedroom, but I can live with it.

I am scared to see what our hydro bill is gonna be. It`s either the ac going or the washer dryer. I am not going to conserve until I see the bill, besides I am the only one in the family that knows what conserve means. I mean, the ac unit going and the door open to the trailer.


  1. Sorry to hear that your new shop plans fell through!

    It's not so bad here yet, but it will be in the mid 90's by the end of the week. I've been making due with a small fan in the kitchen window.

    Luckily I'm in the middle of a wooded area and the temperature is usually 4-6 degrees lower than in the city just a few miles away.

  2. It was about perfect here today, weather wise. So things are picking up? It's kinda like that a bit here also it seems. It could be just one of our little splurts I guess.
    I don't know what to think about what all those smart guys are saying about the economy and all that. I listen to them all the time and I don't think I have ever heard two of them with the same prediction yet. I don't know who to believe.