Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids Trailer

Bought this a few weekends ago for the daughter and her boyfriend and my two grand kids. This sits right behind my trailer, so it is nice and close for the kids to venture back and forth, and yet far enough away so that i maintain my sanity. Came complete as you see here, a older unit, but everything works and they have enough room. They are seasonal and are up on the weekends.

Not a bad campsite either, lots of trees and still a area in the center to let the sunshine in.

I got the Bell stick for internet at the campsite. Just plug it into the usb port and away you go. Works fast and i can watch you tube videos no problem at all. Cheap too, 2 year plan at 30 bucks a month and the stick is free. Rogers has their version too, but i have spent enough money at Rogers lol.


  1. Thats a pretty fancy old prowler. I had one something like it a few years ago. But I am wondering if that big beer fridge in the shed might have helped you decide to buy the place.

  2. The boyfriend put a lock on the shed ha, bring up a set of torches that'll fix that. The previous owner had put a bit of work into it, I sat in the trailer for a afternoon having a few beers with my kid, and it sure felt comfortable.