Saturday, June 19, 2010


So here is the drivers side. Batteries and some extra room which i have now filled with a espar diesel heat system and fuel tank. heavy duty battery charger with time and a iota converter three stage battery charger, 45 amper. I use two 1000 watt inverters to supply all my power as they are cheap at 100 bucks a piece, and i can turn one off without affecting my main fridge. the beer fridge from a warm temp, turn it on and within two hours it will freeze a beer.

I went with the espar heating system as i also had a cold floor in the camper. I cut a hole close to the floor as a heating duct and this where the espar shoots out the heat, heats the floor very nice and warms the camper quick and easy, especially when it is minus 20 outside.

In the coldest weather it uses about 5 gallons a week of diesel which is very affordable considering I was using 40 pounds of propane a week. Also the heat is more uniform and remains a constant temp as the espar switches to a low setting to maintain the temp.

My doors in the camper that allow extra storage when you have the camper in the back of a pickup truck, well i enclose two of them so that i can have more storage. real handy for extra canned foods and stuff like that. My camper has alot of storage already, but more is better.

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