Saturday, June 19, 2010

Been Awhile

I see i have not posted anything for quite awhile, been busy in the shop the last few months and actually made some money. But i closed the shop June 1 to take the summer off, i plan to open up again maybe in mid august. This time around, just me working in the shop as there is not enough work to warrant a payroll.

I moved into the truck camper back in Feb and have been customizing it over the last few months to my liking. I installed it on the truck that i use to haul my fiver as I had my fiver moved to our seasonal site and it will sit there till at least this fall.

The wife does not want to travel and that suits me fine, so it is basically my brother in law and I travelling the summer away. My 15 year old has been screwing up in school this last year and has to do summer school so he wont be available for extended camping trips.

So I have the summer off, wife is settled into our seasonal site and the kid can come out on weekends when he is not tied up with army cadets. I am also considering going on my own and the wife do her thing as threw the years we pretty much ended up doing our own thing anyhow. Getting close to 50 now, really appreciate my time alone and not with all the business of the wifes bullshit.

When i moved into the truck camper back in Feb, I decided to do everything on my own, yup shopping, cooking laundry and cleaning. You know what, it was the best thing that i could do. I am happier and more content and the peace and quiet is the big plus. I dont see any reason to go back. Matter of fact i camped at our seasonal site about a month ago and parked right beside my fiver, had the whole family over for dinner and even sat on my seasonal site with the wife and had a campfire.

this fall, the wife and kid are going to rent a apartment about 10 miles from our town so that he can go to the school that he wants to go to, i will likely remain in the truck camper but have the choice of going back into my fiver. The fiver is a pain in the ass though, levelling and 4 slides, big 40 foot unit fully equipped, nice unit, but i only ever used the bedroom and shower. With my truck camper i can get into the nice tent sites in local campgrounds where my fiver would never fit. Plus i can easily tow my boat if needed.

I really dont want to tow anything anymore, after so many years of towing i think i am finally done with it. I dont need alot of room and the last four or so months in the truck camper has confirmed to me that i am okay with it.

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