Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slow progress

I got a few more things done to the truck,. Progress has been slow due to being busy with customer work in the shop. Anyways, got the terminal box done, and receptacle for the trailer plug, also the fuel inlet tube. I made a access plate over the fuel tank too. I added a Edge programmer to get a extra 60 horse out the powerstroke. It works good, the motor is more responsive and feels like it has extra power. Won't know for sure till I get it out on the highway with the fiver hooked.

Buddy dropped me off a real nice wiring harness, which we feed the whole rear end of the truck for all the lights, slick for sure. I am hoping this coming week to have some sort of sides welded on and rear lights installed.

Shop has been busy, here is a pic of that white Pete from last fall, just getting around to finishing it off, I painted the hood the other night as I was waiting for grille surround. Pete wanted close to two grand, aftermarket 600 bucks, big difference.

Pretty much booked this month for work, thats a good sign for the beginning of the year, maybe it is starting to turn around. At any rate I hope it sticks.

The kid made a island for the kitchen area in the fiver. Problem with our unit is the lack of counter space and we have a large kitchen, lots of floor space. So he made this in wood shop at school, brought it home and I stained it and then clear coated it, it looks pretty good and is at the right height too, wife is happy to have the extra counter space.

Were still camping in the shop, been inside since before the holidays. I figured to move the fiver inside to save on propane and fuel costs on the generator and seeing how business was not overy busy, might as well use the shop space. Now I am busy again and could use the space the fiver takes up but now that we are inside its nice and warm in the trailer without using a ton and a half of propane. We have no water today, no water on the property, so thats a bummer, I could go out and load up some water in one of my tanks, but once i do that the water will be back on, you know murphys law.

Theres a shot of the trailer in the shop, tucked into the corner. Were going through about a 100 pounder of propane every two weeks, alot better than one every three days.

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  1. It sounds like it is a good thing that your truck is taking a long time to complete. Good to see you're keeping busy.
    I like the new island in the trailer, but I wondering who's going to be the first one to fall over it. lol.
    100 pounder in 3 days is alot of propane. The worse I have done so far is 6 days. Usually through most of that colder weather I was getting about a week, and if it hangs in the 0C to -10C I'm usually good for about 11 days. Not bragging or anything, just thought you would be interested to hear it. But then, I'm not running a dryer or hot water heater and all that either. Just heat and cooking and warming hot water as I need it.