Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More pics and stuff

I park my truck in front of my site like this so that I can have a bit more privacy and also for the dogs as they are never on a leash, the dogs get to know how far they can go. Other dogs pass by on the road, and my girls just stay put.

I leave the sleeper door open for them, and alot of times they will go in and have a afternoon snooze. Most of the time though, they are active and my site usually will see alot of traffic due to the kid and his buddies. They swarm in and then swarm out. lol.

Our site really is not all that big. The fiver takes up most of the room and what is left is just enough. The dogs tear up the grass area so we only have to mow the lawn maybe once a year.

The back part of my deck right up against the slideout. Bare bones right now as we were putting everything away for the winter.

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