Sunday, October 25, 2009

At the Campground

I got over to the local campground around the corner from my shop late this afternoon. It's a year round campground. I needed to empty the poop tank. When I got here I found that I did not have my sewer hose, I left it at the seasonal campground so the wife took a trip to Cdn tire to get another one, good to have two anyhow.

Well it is peaceful here except for the traffic on the 401 which is very noticealble. But I am sitting outside on grass and in front of the campfire, the wife is making home made burgers, my shit tank it empty and I'm on my fourth beer, so it's pretty good.

I redid the wiring on my truck to the trailer again, everytime I have to move someone else's trailer I have to redo the wiring to match their trailer. I like the wiring to be neat and tidy, and the last few weeks moving all these trailers, I had a real mess. Did some cleanup on the trailer and pulled out the door screen and this is the last time, as I am going to put in plexi glass instead of the screen due to the damn cat and his claws.

The shop has been busy, but my right hand man is having alot of problems with his back. Herniated discs, so bad that the wife had to drive him home the other day, he could not even drive. He is waiting to get into the specialist but that will not happen till next month. I am thinking that is going to have to shut her down and let himself get better. I might have to work the shop on my own for a bit. Which is okay.

I miss my dogs already, they are at the shop as I wanted a break from them. I am with them 24/7. The brother in law and my buddy are at the shop anyhow so they will look in on them.

Picked up a Mr Heater diesel fired heater today brand new in the box for 300 bucks, they go for 500 in the stores and is a 210000 btu unit. Enough to heat the shop no problem. Once in awhile a good deal comes my way. It has been decent weather during the day, but in the morning, it is cool, once the sun goes down the temps drop fast. Prob going close to freezing tonite.

The campground is about half full, looks like some campers are getting ready to pull out in the morning. I would stay here for the winter, but at 550 per month plus hydro I would sooner stay at the shop for free. My buddy works here too, he is retired and is the maintence guy, he loves it. I was hoping that he would be here, but he took a mini vacation to the east coast, but I see he left his fiver here.

While we are here we are going to take advantage of the included hydro with the site fee and get all our laundry done. Running the Honda's for the laundry can cost a bit, but I think still cheaper than going to the laundry mat.

While we are here, we will do a real concentrated cleanup on the trailer. One problem living at the truck yard is the dirt that gets dragged into the trailer. Lots of dust.

I have a pull through site here, so I am leaving the truck hooked up, we have the Explorer and the wife can drop me off at work in the morning. Nice not having to unhook for a change. I might come over here maybe once a week or so for something different to do, or even once every two weeks when I need to empty the shitter.

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