Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the yard

So we needed the room in shop and also have to do some painting, no sense getting overspray on the fiver, even though I could spraymask the trailer to protect it. But none the less, I moved it outside to the back section of the yard, in our corner where we have truck parking.
Still a problem with dust. What we need is some rain. I got back my other Honda genset today and went to the electrical store and got the required plugs and receptacles and made myself a parallel kit for the Honda's.

so they are running right now. Very sweet, have the ac unit running, and starting a load of wash. The wife will have no problem now with power as there is almost 50 amps in total feeding the trailer.
Wondering too, if my fuel consumption will go up by much. Do you run one genset at full bore or two at idle?????????

I need to figure how to mount the units too, I would like them side by side on the pin, thinking that may be a little too much weight, 300 pounds in total. Maybe leave the one on the pin and mount one on the rear of the trailer off the hitch assembly????????

One consideration is when the units are mounted on the pin box, the weight goes directly to the truck, does not add any stress to the trailer frame.


  1. Nice pair of gensets Coal. I, also, would like to know if the two idling will be better on gas than the one over working. Did one of those 3000's have trouble keeping up to the daily needs? I'm thinking of getting one, but maybe I should go with something a bit bigger, not real sure.

  2. Will be doing some testing over the next month or so on the fuel consumption. One genny will handle the trailer, but when doing laundry the genset is at its limit and one has to be careful what else they turn on. The trailer requires a 50 amp service to run everything at the same time.

    If it were just myself in the trailer, one Honda would be plenty. Going with a bigger unit, uses more fuel per hour, I found the Honda 3000 to be the best balance between, electric start, quiet operation and fuel economy and size/weight.